Flat River Medical

Nurse Assistant Training Program

We are operating training as scheduled.  We have a strict plan in place to promote hygiene and cleanliness in our training facility to prevent the spread of microorganisms.

Flat River Medical General Information Video

2020 Course Schedule
*registration for each course is closed the Monday before class starts*
(Your payment or sponsorship reserves your seat in the class, just registering alone without payment does not reserve your seat)

       Greenville Classes (downtown)
      All classes 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri
2020 Classes

July 20 - July 31 *FULL*
August 10 - August 21 *FULL*
August 24 - September 4
September 14 - September 25
September 28 - October 9
October 12 - October 23
October 26 - November 6
November 9 - November 20
November 30 - December 11
December 14 - 30 (Class 14-22 with clinical days 28,29,30)

      Grand Rapids Classes (east beltline)
        All classes 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri

2020 Classes
(these are open classes, you may also sign up for a waiting list seat)
November 30 - December 11

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Flat River Medical is a nurse assistant training program (NATP) modeled by the State of Michigan guidelines.  This 75 hour program features an in-depth lecture, hands-on laboratory practice, and a final practicum which will take place in the nursing home setting.  Conveniently located downtown Greenville, MI, this program will be offered monthly with varying class hours to meet each person's unique needs.

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