Flat River Medical, LLC

Nurse Assistant Training Program

Customer Testimonials

"Melody is beyond inspirational. She is a PHENOMENAL, hands-on, active teacher that consistently goes beyond her basic job description. She inspires me to be a better health care worker & a better woman. If you are at all interested in having a career in healthcare, I would strongly recommend a with Melody. If Melody is teaching our CNA's I think we will have more strong, informed, well-educated health care workers. I am proud to know Melody & of what she's been able to accomplish at Flat River Medical." ~Ashley D.

"Melody was a fantastic instructor. I hadn't been in school in 25yrs and she made learning fun and interesting and very informative. I finished with top score in class because of her and teaching abilities. She was always in a great mood with smile on her face." ~Kara

" I LOVED the class and Melody. She taught us everything we needed to know to become a CNA. I would recommend Flat River Medical to anyone looking to become a CNA. Melody is great. She was a big help when needed and she took the time to explain things when they weren't understood. Great class and great teacher !!" ~Ashley

" Great class and hands on learning! One on one with the teacher if needed or ask! You also get to meet new people and make new friends with in the class! Wonderful teacher!!" ~Jessica

" Flat River Medical is an awesome class/adventure. Very informative and is a small class so a lot more personal and one on one time. Melody is not only a great instructor, she cares for each and everyone of her students and treated us so well and made sure there were no unanswered questions every day before we left class. It was such an eye opener and am so happy I did my class at Flat River Medical with Melody. Thanks Melody for all you did." ~Joanna

" I loved Melody's class! I had so much fun and I met new friends. Melody helped give us a push toward our goals and dreams. " ~Anna