Flat River Medical, LLC

Nurse Assistant Training Program

Payment Options and Sponsorship Information

Tuition cost is $1600.  This includes 75 hour training course, and clinical rotation, state testing preparation (unlimited hours), and your first state testing fee (state testing provided at our Greenville location).  Also included is all of your supplies and scrubs for class (see Sign up and Pricing tab for more details).  

All you need is a tb test and background check. (COVID TESTING NOW REQUIRED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

Payment options are: private pay, MI works, or Long Term Care Sponsorship...  Lists of facilities and phone numbers provided below

Private pay: Pay by credit card/debit card online under the Make a Payment tab.  Tuition must be paid in full before class starts. No payment plan is offered after class starts.  No refunds.  If you pay privately, you qualify for the state reimbursement if you work in a nursing home (not assisted living, afc, home care, etc...).  The state reimbursement is currently set at $951 (see law verbiage under Sign up and Pricing tab).  The long term care you work for will reimburse this to you and I'll give you the paperwork for it in class.  There is no reimbursement for assisted livings, only for long term care homes.  If you privately pay you can work anywhere you want to after your training.  I provide employment assistance in class.

MI Works: They will assist with tuition costs 100% if you are eligible.  In order to be eligible, you have to meet certain income requirements (low income) or be a displaced worker.  They can give you more detailed information about their eligibility requirements, so call them to help decide if this is the right path for you (phone numbers listed below).  They will pay 100% tuition, as well as sometimes pay mileage and child care costs depending on your individual needs.  You will have to contact the MI Works nearest you and let them know you are inquiring about tuition assistance for CNA training, and they will set you up with a Career Coach and have you come in for a few appointments to help you get paperwork around and do some basic testing to examine your learning needs.  This process can take as little as 2 weeks, and as much as 6 weeks depending on how often you are able to make your appointments with them.  If you utilize MI Works you can work anywhere you want after training, and I provide employment assistance in class.  This option does not qualify you for the state reimbursement, as your entire tuition will be paid for.  Due to the time required to get started if this option is the best path for you, you will want to start the process as soon as possible.

Long Term Care Sponsorship:  If you are hired into a long term care facility (examples, Metron, Laurel's, and more) they will pay your training tuition, as well as give you a job.  This is a great path if you have decided where you would like to work, or if there is a nursing home near your home that fits your employment needs.  You have to apply through the nursing home and be hired there, as well as apply for the CNA training through our website (under the Sign up tab).  There is a list of nursing homes that I work with below. This option does not qualify you for the state reimbursement, as your entire tuition will be paid for.  It is also expected that you will give the employer an adequate term of employment.

Credit cards accepted. Payments can be made online under the Make a Payment tab.  Payment must be received in full before class starts.  No refunds.

Michigan Works Scholarship:  MI Works is also assisting those eligible, with tuition costs.  Funding is only available quarterly, so contact them asap!  You can contact them for more information. 

MI Works Ionia  (616) 389-8525

MI Works Greenville  (616) 754-3611

MI Works Rockford  (616) 228-6724

MI Works Grand Rapids  (616) 336-4460 or  (616) 336-4040

Altercare of Big Rapids

805 West Ave, Big Rapids, MI 49307

(231) 796-3185

Transitional Health of Fremont

4554 W 48th St, Fremont, MI 49412

(231) 924-3990

Mission Point Sponsorship:  Tuition assistance is often available through Mission Point.

You may also call the facilities directly:

Greenville  (616) 754-7186

Belding  (616) 794-0460

Cedar Springs  (616) 696-0170

Forest Hills  (616) 949-7220

Lamont  (616) 677-1243

Health Bridge (616)333-1200

Masonic Pathways Sponsorship:  Masonic Pathways is located in Alma, MI.  Sponsorship opportunities available!  

Laura Fletcher, Education Coordinator  (989) 466-4479

Masonic Pathways

1200 Wright Ave.

Alma, MI 48801

Nikki Sparks

Onboarding Manager

(989) 466-3095

[email protected]

Diversified Medical Staffing Sponsorship:  www.dmshome.com.  For sponsorship information contact Becky at [email protected] or call her at  (616) 942-2222.

2025 East Beltline, Grand Rapids

Vista Springs Assisted Living

Great Joy in Work opportunity…We Promote from Within

Grand Rapids, MI

616.340.0663 Ask for Jessica!

[email protected]


Christian Rest Home: Tuition assistance is available through Christian Rest Home.  

Contact Dawn Smits at 616-453-2477 for more information!   

1000 Edison Ave NW, 

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

The Laurel's Facilites are offering sponsorships, call the one nearest you today!

The Laurels of Bedford
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
270 N Bedford Road
Battle Creek, MI 49037
phone: (269) 968-2296
fax: (269) 968-8943

The Laurels of Carson City
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
620 N 2nd Street
Carson City, MI 48811
phone: (989) 584-6100
fax: (989) 584-6199

The Laurels of Coldwater
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
90 N Michigan Avenue
Coldwater, MI 49036
phone: (517) 279-9808
fax: (517) 279-2578

The Laurels of Fulton
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
RFD #1 4735 Ranger Road
Perrinton, MI 48871
phone: (989) 236-5433
fax: (989) 236-7672

The Laurels of Galesburg
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
1080 N 35th Street
Galesburg, MI 49053
phone: (269) 665-7043
fax: (269) 665-4080

The Laurels of Hudsonville
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
3650 Van Buren Street
Hudsonville, MI 49426
phone: (616) 669-1520
fax: (616) 669-4640

The Laurels of Kent
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
350 N Center Street
Lowell, MI 49331
phone: (616) 897-8473
fax: (616) 897-0081

The Laurels of Mt. Pleasant
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
400 S Crapo Street
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
phone: (989) 773-5918
fax: (989) 772-3656

The Laurels of Sandy Creek
A Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
425 E Elm Street
Wayland, MI 49348
phone: (269) 792-2249
fax: (269) 792-6121

Clark Retirement Community:   Tuition assistance is often available through Clark Retirement. Call Carl in HR, and visit the website www.clarkretirement.org.
1551 Franklin St. Grand Rapids
(616) 452-1568  Ask for Carl!

Pilgrim Manor Sponsorship

2000 Leonard St NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

w: www.unitedchurchhomes.org

616-458-1133 Ask for Lori Korrek

Private Pay:  Payment can be made online under the payment tab.  If you privately pay, you are eligible for the State of Michigan CNA Training reimbursement of up to $951, if you work in the nursing home! (see details at the bottom of the sign-up page).