Flat River Medical, LLC

Nurse Assistant Training Program

What sets us apart?

State Testing!  Now available!  Train and test in the same environment!  Ease test anxiety, and practice in the testing center!

Strong emphasis on the humanistic approach to care giving

Students are taught to encourage the resident's preferences and opinions regarding their own care.  They are taught that it is okay to be compassionate caregivers!  They are taught to identify signs of depression, and how to use alternative methods to promote the resident's emotional well-being!

Employment Assistance

Up-to-date information provided on job openings in the nearby areas, especially areas specific to the needs of the students!  Assistance with creating resume's and tips for interviewing provided as needed.

State Board Examination Prep

Included in the tuition, every student has the opportunity to have 1-1 time with the instructor before the student takes the state board exam.  After the student receives their authorization to test, they are eligible to schedule dates and times at their convenience, with the instructor and practice hands-on with instructor critique!